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Anjian giftware sells around the world. A story accompanies each of our gifts. They come beautifully packaged.

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Inspirational gifts from the world's cultures

What does ANJIAN mean?
An - Ji - An, An means Peace and Ji means Good Luck, so ANJIAN means great peace and good luck. Peace and Happiness

We are an ethical international export wholesale company, whose aim for our giftware is to espouse positive values and hope for humankind.

You may purchase retail from our online sellers, or contact Anjian so we can help make buying easier.

Peace and Happiness
William Sun

Available for enquires on Mondays only from 11 - 3pm. Showroom is closed. Email your orders to: New Office Number: 0488551177. Wishing you well. Teresa.

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Chinese Animal Sign

Chinese Animal Sign

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"Teresa and Crew at Anjian , this is all true 'I find the Anjian products are "good value for money". It is always an exciting experience for me to unpack my order. Anjian staff are always friendly and helpful, my parcels arrive quickly and the freight is good. I am always made to feel important and not just a "twig on their big branches"..... My customers are pleased with the quality and price of Anjian products. Keep up the good work!!!"

W & E Bailey

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