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New - Evil eyes, purple finish on our long time favourite statues, latest Feng Shui products, mala beads and prayer flags.

What does ANJIAN mean?
An - Ji - An, An means Peace and Ji means Good Luck, so ANJIAN means great peace and good luck. Peace and Happiness

We are an ethical international export wholesale company, whose aim for our giftware is to espouse positive values and hope for humankind.

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Peace and Happiness
William Sun

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2014 Year of the Wood Horse

2014 Year of Wooden Horse . Beginning February 4th 2014. Chinese New Year this year will be on January 31st 2014 solar Calendar. The foundation of the Chinese Horoscope is the Yin Yang Five Elements system, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. 2014 is the Wood element and is associated with trees and the colour green. Therefore, 2014 is also called Year of Green Horse.

Forecast for Year of the Wooden Horse 2014
Be wary of potential dangers. Be courageous, act wisely with caution and flexibility to challenge them. Protect your emotional, spiritual and tangible possessions with thoughtfulness and honour. Keep things simple this year, time to reflect, show friendship, be involved with family, community and get reconnected.
Most compatible signs for the Horse
Tiger, Goat or Dog
Most incompatible signs for the Horse
Rat, Ox, Rabbit or Horse

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"Teresa and Crew at Anjian , this is all true 'I find the Anjian products are "good value for money". It is always an exciting experience for me to unpack my order. Anjian staff are always friendly and helpful, my parcels arrive quickly and the freight is good. I am always made to feel important and not just a "twig on their big branches"..... My customers are pleased with the quality and price of Anjian products. Keep up the good work!!!"

W & E Bailey

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