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Please look at the Buddhist links page, particular Buddhanet for wonderful guidelines on how to teach your young ones how to meditate.

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About Death and Dying

Melbourne Zen Hospice is a non-profit organization providing palliative care support to patients, their carers, and families across Melbourne, Australia. Depending on individual needs, the support is provided in the form of resources, practical help, emotional and spiritual support, and a range of complementary therapies such as guided meditation, reiki, and acupuncture – “whatever is most helpful and appropriate here and now”.


Aromatherapy Health & You
Help and useful tips on aromatherapy, essential oils and their uses.

Colouring Therapy
An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.
With over 40,000 titles on-line in the form of Books, Cds, DVDs, Cards and Kits HolisticPage is active in helping expand human consciousness.
3.2 years Life Cycles in Time Integration and Synchronicity Coincidences. Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

Australian pre-loved bookshop specialising in health, metaphysics and creativity. Search for new or out-of-print books by title, author or subject.

A special place of gentle energy and joyfullness, mystical symbols and abundance of old world wisdom from Danae, the owner of Spellbox; a gentle person of great human kindness.


Starlight Journal Online Metaphysical Newsletter
Metaphysical Newsletter with articles, poetry and art dedicated to the spiritual community. Free reading. Information, techniques, practices, and metaphysical concepts. Wonderful comments and feedback from our readers.

University Of Metaphysical Sciences
Accurate and articulate free tarot, i-ching, numerology, rune readings and more, brought to you by Wejee's Metaphysical Superstore!
This site provides a unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive eadings, as well as a vast array of other resources for the spiritual seeker.
Wicca and Pagan Supplies for all your wiccan, pagan, shaman, voodoo, spiritual and other metaphysical goods and information.

Zodiac Art

Animals & Reptiles

Elephant Nature foundation
Elephant Nature Foundation is a non-profit organization which advocates and acts on behalf of the rights of Asian elephants in Thailand.
Derrick Jensen is the author of Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe, and A Language Older than Words. He was named one of Utne Reader's "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" and won the Eric Hoffer Award in 2008. He writes for The New York Times Magazine, Audubon, and The Sun Magazine, among many others
From the outset, the founders of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, rejected the notion that the interests of humans and animals were separate. Instead they embraced the understanding that the fate and future of harp seals-and all other animals on Earth-are inextricably linked to our own.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more than 2.0 million members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world.
Animals Australia is Australia's largest and most dynamic national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and thousands of individual supporters throughout Australia.

Astrology & Readings

Astrology Charts and Reports from Extonbiz
Gain insight into your life and relationships. We offer natal, compatibility and transit reports, as well as birth and aspect charts. Tarot reports are available too! Delivered within 24 hours via email.

Comprehensive Astrology Reports
Comprehensive Astrology Reports; Insightful Interpretations of Your Astrology Chart

Australian Skin Care
OUTBACK body scrub SKIN CARE products are 100% Australian made & owned. Using chemical free products & combining only the best natural ingredients, the oils are rich in body nurturing vitamins and minerals to help strengthen tissue cells, preserve the natural moisture of the skin & to revitalise and remove toxins. Precious essential oils have all been selected to help reduce the effects of environmental and lifestyle influences on your skin.

Beautiful and Unusual Products

Mystical watercolor paintings & dreamlike fiction rooted in mythology, archetypes & the divine feminine
Aromatherapy Candles
Beautiful Salt Crystal Lamps
Denim Jeans Shop

Best Quality Perfume and Fragrance

Gift Basket
Not just Health foods but Anjian gifts as well. Dargan Healthfoods, Castletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick.
Your home for baseball hats with embroidered Chinese symbols - creating portable feng shui.

Himalayan Bath Salts provides a wide variety of Natural Himalayan Products, including bath salts, salt lamps, and skin care products. 

Island Perfume Oils
"Our famous designer inspired perfume oils and botanical fragrance oils smell better and last longer due to their pure concentration and exceptional quality botanical ingredients and precision fragrance crafting."
LIVING IN HARMONY, CD - Stories For Life, for Kids and for Adults!
Donna Jacobs Sife is one of Australia's leading storytellers, a published writer and social activist, who has been telling stories in schools around Australia and the world for over a decade.
Mustika Pearls Healing Crystals Fossils & Shaman Stones

Buddhist,Taoist and Hindu Artifacts,statues,amulets,malas, spiritual,abundance and protection charms.
Pure Mystical Gifts
Quality New Zealand made, therapeutic bodycare, pampering & relaxation products for stress relief, wellbeing & indulgence. Gifts to show you care. Relax, reflect & revitalize with 100% pure aromatherapy oils, bodycare, skincare, candles, gifts and more from NZ.
Himalayan Salt Lamps provides a wide variety of Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps, and other meditation related supplies.
Salt Lamps
Each high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp comes with a Lifetime Guaranty.
Stepping Out Designs
All bracelets are hand- crafted (mostly with my own hands). Many hours have been spent gathering beads from around the world.Tibet, India, Japan,Phillipines,Krobo beads from Africa, and even seeds gathered by the Navajo in Arizona and New Mexico.

Salt Lamps carries only the best quality Himalayan Salt Lamps.


Web-Beacon Family Directory
A family friendly, spam free Internet directory, listing only safe and secure, quality sites. Articles, blogs, deep links, and non-English sites accepted.

The Australian Gift and Homewares Directory
Australian gifts & homewares news and online shopping directory Compare & buy gifts and homewares, find industry news gift & homeware retailers, new giftware products, retailer news etc.
Best Prices Here - Business Directory


Feng Shui have become aware that many customers wish to buy gifts or products for themselves that have meaning. This may be a reflection of the world we live in today where many people are seeking a deeper understanding. We sell Anjian products and many more exciting gifts online.

Feng Shui by Sakura
Only the most traditional and genuine principles of Feng Shui are applied to benefit our broad cross section of clients. We work with individuals and a range of businesses—small retail owners, Australian based companies and major global corporations.
Feng Shui and Color Psychology (FrenchLanguage only)

Feng Shui Information Sites
My Pathways

Great feng shui products and feng shui tips at
Feng Shui Import

The I Ching
Rising Dragon Feng Shui provides Feng Shui consultants, free and premium online Feng Shui courses. We are dedicated to providing essential resources and insights to help transform ones life.
a Free 'I Ching' reading, fun, quick and for guidance

Free For You
It's Baisakhi.So get into the festive mood, beat the drums, dance the Bhangra and celebrate the New Year with near and dear ones .Send warm ecards from our site to all you love to wish them a harvest of smiles in the New Year ahead.

Gifts In Australia
"Bodyzest is an Australian Made and Owned wholesale company from Albury/Wodonga, supplying Australian retailers with our unique products.
Our brand is young, hip, vibrant & has a love of bright colours!"
GEOdiscoveries is a premier wholesaler of authentic fossils, crystals and decorative items of truly unique nature. Our broad range is diverse and much sought after. Geo Discoveries is the oldest established and most highly regarded fossil and crystal supplier in Australia since 1972.

Australian gifts & homewares news and online shopping directory.
Compare & buy gifts and homewares, find industry news gift & homeware retailers, new giftware products, retailer news etc.
Herbal teas to clear the mind, cleanse the body and recharge your energy ! Looking for a unique gift for that someone, we have the answer. We have a range of triple strength antioxidant teas, herbal blends and CHAI teas.
Gifts and clothing to uplift and beautify. Wide range of quality incense, soy candles, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, crystals, jewellery with strong focus on gems, clothing of natural fabrics, artefacts from all over the world, organic teas, Feng Shui and Tarot.
Shopping Links Australia Online Shopping and Gift Directory. Links to Australian shopping websites, for Australian businesses of all kinds including fashion, gifts, travel, wine, electrical and more!
So Pretty Shower Caps
A unique Australian site showcasing a beautiful range of quality hand made shower caps for ladies and girls.

Health: Depression, support, addictions and wholistic. Also look at Buddhist links page for further health support and info. Psychology Guide

Andean Health Products : Natural Health Remedy New Zealand
Andean Health Products Ltd is a New Zealand (NZ) company specialising in the supply of South American herbs as a remedy for common health ailments. Our organic teas and herbal blends are the
perfect answer to natural healing.

Colouring Therapy
An alternative to formal meditation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

Ecobaby - Natural Baby Products
A great shopping site to provide caring parents with a great choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries.

Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.
Sports Injury & Healing Preparation combines modern Homeopathic theory with Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide fast acting pain relief, which facilitates healing, rather than just relieving pain.
Knee braces for knee pain, swelling and after surgery.
Providing one of the largest selections of knee braces on the internet at guaranteed discount prices. The Knee Shop has a wide range of knee braces, supports and orthopedic accessories from name brands.

Organic Health & Beauty World
Do you suffer from eczema, allergies, migraines, depression or any other dis-ease? Are you frustrated with trying to find good quality natural and organic cosmetics, personal care and nutritional products in the ONE place? This site is dedicated to nourishing YOU inside and out with mother nature's ingredients.

Australia Online
is the world's largest online retailer of high quality eco-friendly and organic products.
The “Our Special Place” range of CDs for adults and children are designed to provide a proactive approach to grief. This gentle and safe program allows the stages of grief to be experienced as the different feelings arise. The CDs consist of guided visualisations with background music, so they are appropriate for children as young as 3 years of age.
Health Expos, Workplace Massage, Highly Ethical
Scottsdale Massage School
Cortiva Institute - Scottsdale Massage School provides the highest standards of excellence in massage therapy education
Suicide Inc is a registered charity (non profit organisation) ,trying to fight the stigma that comes with the word suicide here in country NSW , we are all volunteers dedicated to alerting the community on the warning signs to suicide and depression, and helping those suffering with the illness 24 hours a day.

Use Nature Health & Lifestyle Directory
Our site is all about natural healing and how to gain a healthy life full of vitality and balance.

Women's Health
Mater Health Services Brisbane Specialising in: Uro-Gynaecology, Gynae/Oncology, Gynaecology, Breast
Learning to cope with clinical depression.
Novo Vitae depression community exists to help those suffering from depression.

Advice and information for homes throughout the world
International site on everything you want to know about getting, keeping and improvng your home.
For all aspects of Real Estate, mortgages, new homes, advertising, information in Australia and the world.


Sharing Culture is Australia’s Leading Cultural Education program providing Two Way Learning Opportunities.
Sharing Culture offers schools the opportunity to access Local Indigenous Knowledge for use in the Australian Curricular. Sharing Culture is providing a voice for Indigenous people and giving Indigenous Communities an opportunity to provide authentic resources for learning. This ensures children are learning about Indigenous People directly from the source and that the Indigenous communities to which the knowledge belongs own their Intellectual Property.

ASCHIANA (meaning “the nest”) is an Afghan Non-Government Organisation that has provided services, support and programs to street working children and their families for close to ten years.
Donna Jacobs Sife -Storyteller, Educator & Writer
The Lotus Children's Centre, Mongolia, was opened by an Australian woman, Didi Kalika, 11 years ago. The centre now cares for 130 children from new-born babies to young adults, providing an environment as close to a family as possible. We also run our own primary school for our children.

Mercy Corps
alleviates suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities.
The Foundation provides direct care to survivors of torture and trauma in the form of counselling, advocacy, family support, group work, psycho-education, information sessions and natural therapies.

The Hunger Site...Give free food to hungry people

Abundant Life Academy - Trobled Teens
Abundant Life Academy is a powerful Christian boarding school for unmotivated gifted teens who are off track, hanging out with the wrong crowd, and acting entitled.
Snowland Service Group is Yushu prefecture's first and only not-for-profit organization, working to apply national and international funds directly toward sustainable micro-development and alleviation projects in all parts of the prefecture. A significant goal of SSG is through project work, to promote the empowerment of Tibetan communities living on the Tibetan Plateau that in turn will influence their own development.

" Anjian financially contributes a % of profit toward the reduction of illiteracy in the Tibetan nomadic region of Kharnang (Tibetan plateau). In 2004 Anjian were able to fully equip one classroom with 30 desks and chairs at the recently opened Gesar Sherab (King of Wisdom) school for nomadic children aged 5 - 15 years". More information on the project can be found at

Troubled Teen Directory
Troubled Teen Directory provides valuable resources for parents that are looking for boot camps, wilderness programs, group homes, transport services, and boarding schools for their troubled teen.

Troubled Teens Schools and Camps
Special Programs for troubled teens future. Contact us directly to know more about our plans and procedures. Christian Boarding School are there for your help

Interfaith is an online film festival exploring matters of faith, religion and spirituality. Unlike other short film festivals, it offers a uniquely Australian perspective on faith. Campfire launches a new selection of five short films every quarter.There is no charge for this awesome website. But feedback gratefully accepted.


Enhanced Healing Through Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, and improving self-esteem.

Tenzing Tsewang
A charismatic live performer, Tenzing is renowned for his spellbinding music and the way he shares his wisdom, wit and culture with the modern world. Born into a family of Tibetan nomads, Tenzing’s childhood was filled with nomadic folk music on the Tibetan plateau, he trained as a Chanting Master and in the musical traditions of sacred Tibet. Now a lay-musician, Tenzing is well known in Australia and internationally as a concert musician and performer.

Original Fashion
We believe what you sleep in should really express who you are. Exciting custom made Pj's and nighties. So comfortable they're not just for sleeping in. Made in Australia

'The easiest online shopping for women's clothes and easy for Australians to buy '. Annie
Lagenlook is German for layered look. This kind of fashion stands for comfortable outfits of natural materials and a advantageous combination of garments. Lagenlook is now mostly made in Germany (resp. Made in Europe) but has it's roots also in the Netherlands. Lagenlook fashion is affordable designer art-to-wear, produced in low quantities (contrary to usual big fashion industries).
House of Rex, where Michael Glover knits.
House of Rex is a unique knitwear salon, dedicated to an evolving, exciting, exclusive collection. The designs will enhance, caress and induce a state of free expression.

Original Jewellery
Original and unusual Handmade jewellery with beautiful Australian bird and flower motifs in a unique style inspired by art nouveau.Also fairies and dragonfly rainforest magic with gems and silver. My Collage with jewels, and kookaburra sculptures also feature. Exquisite original handmade jewellery
Gambin art gallery, prize winning jewellery and hand painted works of art.

We are dedicated to sourcing beautiful glass and silver jewellery hand made by fair trade and ethical artisans from across the globe.
Jewellery workshop uk a new experience in buying quality Diamonds Jewellery,Rings,Bracelets,Earring,Pendants,Silver,Pearls,Mens Jewellery,watches on the Internet.

Retailers of Feng Shui Products, Anjian Products & Gifts

We stock all of Anjian™ Australia products and thank you for selecting us to supply you. Please take note of the items product code you have selected so you can enter and search for the items in Cadman's Online Shop/Catalogue.
Gifting with style and ease. Figurines, statues, animals,birds, themes, birthday, weddings, Christmas, Losar all occasions. As we grow we will introduce themes, benefits and uses.We confidently provide gift items that are perfect for love, grief, children, students, success, happiness, humour etc. So keep checking in
Gifts and clothing to uplift and beautify. Wide range of quality incense, soy candles, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, crystals, jewellery with strong focus on gems, clothing of natural fabrics, artefacts from all over the world, organic teas, Feng Shui and Tarot.
We sell a range of metaphysical products and bountiful Spiritual, Inspirational and new age gifts for adults and children .Visit our store for further viewing of our great online shop.

Things to do in Australia

Australia directory includes information and directory ofresources on the web encompassing Australian travel and guide.

World's Best Metaphysics Travel!
Travel to the most spiritual sites on the planet: Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Pyramids, Tibet, Crop Circles, Mayans. Your tour guides are the recognized authorities! Take a look!

Tasmania travel guide
"A cultural and business conduit between Australia and Taiwan."

Wwoof is the Willing Workers on Organic Farms official Australian Web Site. Travel around Australia working on organic farms in exchange for food and accommodation. Over 1600 Australian hosts to choose from, a great variety of properties and people, practicing biodynamics, organics and permaculture. Make lasting friendships and learn all about organics at the same time!

World Religions, Traditions, Mysteries

Australian Intercultural Society (the AIS) was established in the year 2000 by a small group of professional second generation Australian Muslims.The AIS, its Directors and members decided to focus on issues such as 'Interfaith dialogue', 'Living in harmony' and 'Social interactions in a diverse cultural society'. Therefore we developed the idea of “Building Bridges through information, interaction and cooperation”. Diverse cultural and multi-faith communities need to understand each other through social interaction and personal experiences by means of social & educational gatherings.Since its establishment, the AIS has built community partnership projects to achieve those goals in cooperating with faith communities as well as government and community organizations and institutions.
Centre for Spiritual Learning. Retreats, Courses and Programs. The Brahma Kumaris encourage self-development through positive thinking and meditation.We have 5000 centres including retreat centres, in 80 countries.

World Issues

Biodynamic Agriculture Australia

Derrick Jensen is the author of Endgame, The Culture of Make Believe, and A Language Older than Words. He was named one of Utne Reader's "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" and won the Eric Hoffer Award in 2008. He writes for The New York Times Magazine, Audubon, and The Sun Magazine, among many others

E/The Environmental Magazine
Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future. Greenpeace's goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.
A centre dedicated to research and conservation of Australia's unique frogs.

Lydia Fucsko at the Amphibian Research Centre in Victoria Australia with founder of Anjian Australia Annie Whitlocke with beloved frogs.
"A cultural and business conduit between Australia and Taiwan."
The Zena Kennedy Save the Children Foundation (Registered in Sri Lanka under the Companies Act as a not for profit company) is backed and supported by the Zena Kennedy Foundation (Incorporated), duly registered in Australia as a not for profit company. The Foundation receives no Government funding and is entirely dependent on private donors for all the Foundation's work.

All age groups, fully equipped Iyengar studio with delightful qualified teachers, Jacqui and Shimon

Robert Morgen's Kundalini Awakening Program
Description: The Kundalini Awakening Program is an ongoing step by step program that teaches the concepts, meditations and skills to awaken the kundalini and manage the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes that can occur in ones life as a result.
Ozziekids Yoga with a Twist R purpose is to promote kids yoga and relaxation in Australia. A central site for parents, school teachers, kids' yoga teachers and teachers of relaxation and meditation

Yoga mats, props and equipment