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More about Anjian

Anjian ™ Australia, an international business based in Melbourne, Australia. It was born in 1993. Travelling to China in 1993 was at times quite confronting but always beneficial.
"Because of our beliefs and personal philosophies we continue to take delight in meeting the demands of our national and international customers. Through this we have found ourselves dealing mainly in Feng Shui, Buddhist products and Positive Symbolism. We sincerely believe that our people and planet can survive and prosper with more positive discrimination by keeping the beauty alive within us".

Symbols can be used on a deep and personal level as an emblem of ones beliefs, hopes and dreams. They can be used to focus ones energies and enhance ones dreams and desires.

It is Anjian's joy to regularly donate to causes throughout the world. Bountiful thanks to our staff and customers. Because of your support we have been able to make a difference to many charities and organisations.

Our symbols take the form of traditional talismans, good luck charms and products that hold a deep meaning and historical value. They come in pendent's, Feng Shui charms, bells, bagwas, love, peace and harmony symbols, wall hangings and replicas of ancient talismans.
We offer statues of animals and eastern deities; meditation aids, our original exquisite glass wind chimes and our original light catchers; crystals and books. Our products have a written story included in the packaging explaining the history and background and use of that particular item.

Buddhist monks in China bless all Anjian products before traveling to Australia. This is done to purify and enhance the integrity of each product. This was not an easy thing to arrange, in fact it took us many years to prove that we did not intend to benefit from the blessing in the form of marketing.

Our product range is constantly being renewed and we pride ourselves in having original and innovative gift lines. Beauty, ethical background, vision and meaning are the dominant factors of each of our products.

We also pride ourselves in above average customer service, by treating everyone we come in contact with as we would like to be treated.