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Feng Shui

We have worked very hard to provide detailed Information Pages on all aspects of Feng Shui which we trust will answer many of the questions we receive.

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The most common Question asked of us:
WHAT IS FENG SHUI? (pronounced 'Foong shway').

Feng Shui literally means WIND (FENG) AND WATER (SHUI). Feng Shui can mean different things to different people. It does not contradict any religious, cultural or traditional beliefs, as Feng Shui is the science of bringing together humankind and the environment in which we strive to find harmony and equilibrium. Feng Shui is the art and science of arranging things in a correct order and to find our personal directions so as to harness Chi` (Life Force) within our lifestyles so as to reach optimum harmony.

Its practitioners believe that with correct guidance and placement we can influence our fate in positive forms and so help to avoid misfortune. The history of Feng Shui is said to have begun with Fu Hsiu over 5000 years ago, when he witnessed a turtle emerge from the depths of the Yellow River. Upon the turtle's back were markings that Fu Hsiu adopted as symbols of great knowledge, universal truths and symmetry. These markings are known as the 'trigrams'.

There are different fields of expertise and schools of thought, being Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui, Flying Stars, Dowsing, Geomancy and many more. We recommend that you seek out a qualified teacher, read the many good books available and enter into the fascinating and never boring world of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Tips & Information

On the other pages you will find alphabetical listings for symbolic definitions and uses of Feng Shui related items, as well as some practical tips for the use of Feng Shui in the home, business and garden.

This info will expand considerably in the near future as we endeavor to answer the many questions we receive regarding the various aspects of the ancient practice of Feng Shui.