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Selecting a Site

There are a number of aspects to consider when selecting a site for your business. First, consider the immediate landscape. Taking into account that circles and horseshoes are auspicious shapes. A business or home near the base of a hill with elevated land either side and facing opening land is considered most auspicious and will bring good fortune. Partway down a slope would be better than at the very base where symbolically it would be exposed to the full force of the avalanche. Placed at the foot of and facing a large hill will bring many obstructions. You will face an uphill battle.

Try to avoid having a business whose location is exposed to the elements, such as on top of a hill, a beachfront property that is exposed to wind or a great expanse of water. Facing a small to medium sized lake would be ideal. However, being situated on a point leaves you exposed. In the case of the beachfront property it would be preferable to be located at the edge of a bay or small cove rather than facing the open ocean. Looking upon a steady flowing meandering stream or river is also considered most auspicious. Avoid facing a fast flowing river, as this is more likely to expose you to excessive levels of Yang energy and Sha Chi. Compass points are required when facing flowing water. If you face a primary direction (north, east, south or west), looking upon the water, it should flow past your front door from left to right. If facing a secondary compass point the water should flow from right to left.

Roads have the similar effects as rivers and should be regarded in the same manner. Traffic flow devices such as traffic lights, roundabouts and speed humps have a calming effect on the traffic and keep it flowing whilst controlling the speed. A business situated near these features would be preferable to one on a highway or facing any fast moving traffic. Ideally a business in a busy street with a slow steady stream of traffic will be most prosperous. A road that points toward your business is most inauspicious.

Hostile structures: Check the outlook of your site for hostile structures such imposing land formations or buildings. Large monuments and sculptures in the immediate vicinity can also produce secret or poison arrows. Church spires or crosses pointed in your direction are also harmful influences. It is also advised to occupy a position amongst varied roof heights rather than in a line of exact heights, which form a wall and poison arrows. Varied roof heights may give the impression of wavy lines, symbolising the water element, which brings good fortune.