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The Frog/Toad is associated with longevity and wealth. It is common to see a Toad or Frog statue with a coin in its mouth depicting prosperity. The three legged Toad of Chinese mythology is said to live only in the phase of the moon, which it swallows during the eclipse.
  Brass finish three frogs statue
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Brass finish Three Frogs Statue. Used in Feng Shui to represent family.Three Money Frogs
Prosperity and Good Fortune
The three legged Money Frog is also known as the Moon Frog.
It is one of the most well known symbols of prosperity and monetary success in Feng Shui, it is often placed beside cash registers, reception areas and business desks. The three Money Frog statue represents three generations of prosperity and good fortune

Colour brass finish
Symbol Wealth
Height 70mm or 2.8"
Length/Depth 110mm or 4.3"
Width 90mm or 3.5"
RRP $ 30.00 
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