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The Elephant is the symbol of strength, wisdom and prudence. The Elephant symbolizes the year, and is thus a celestial animal in Buddhism. The Elephant is sacred because it was said to offer flowers to Buddha and also carried the gem of wishes and the sacred alms bowl of Buddha. Together with the Tiger, Leopard and the Lion, the Elephant is one of the Four creatures that represent the power of energy. We wholesale

  Travelling Laughing Buddhas sitting on elephant statues, pair, Antique Bronze an
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Travelling Laughing Buddhas sitting on elephant statues, pair, Antique Bronze and Gold, each piece approximately: H: 175 x W: 150 x D: 85mm
Travelling Buddhas

Safety on your Travels

Sitting on their elephants, the Travelling Laughing Buddhas will pass by collecting your sadness and woes in their sack while sharing their wisdom and abundance of knowledge. With their mantra, they send you prayers of safety on your travels and strength to endure the challenges along the way.

In general, they are a symbol of happiness, wealth and innocent joy. Buddha`s belly is said to signify bountiful wealth and prosperity, by stroking it it is believed to bring much luck.

Elephants are great symbols of stability, strength and good fortune. Chinese folk stories believe that Buddha rode the Elephant from heaven to earth, bringing blessings of peace and happiness to all humans. Their sociable nature and ability to absorb water, increases their auspiciousness in wealth and power which reflect in qualities required to secure property and having great business sense.

The Laughing Buddha must always be invited into his new home, resulting in positive Chi` resulting in much happiness.

Colour Antique Bronze and Gold
Symbol Travelling Buddhas
Height Each statue Approx 175mm
Length/Depth Each statue Depth 85mm
Width Each statue Approx 150mm
RRP $ 80.00 
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