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Wu Lu

  Wulu/Gourd on Lotus Hanging, Gold with Red Cord
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Wulu/Gourd on Lotus Hanging, Gold with Red Cord

The Wu Lu, also known as Precious Gourd is an ancient Chinese symbol of Longevity, protection from evil and negative energy and is used to attract good fortune.
The Precious Gourd is also the emblem for the figure 8, which holds a lot of power in Feng Shui and Chinese Symbolism. The number 8 is also symbolised by the eight sides of the Bagwa, used extensively in Feng Shui.

The Wu u is a wonderful talisman to take for protection on a journey. Hang the Wu Lu from doors, windows, at the head of your bed, above the office desk and can be hung inside a vehicle.

The Lotus represents the knowledge that one can reach great heights of wisdom and spiritual grace from the depths of darkness and despair. This is drawn from the fact that the beauty and grace of the lotus flower actually arises from muddy and murky waters.

Size H: 320mm x W: 40mm
Partner HH063
Symbol Health & Longevity
RRP $ 9.50 
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