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Figurine of Jophiel, Patron Angel of Artists. Archangel Jophiel
Angel of Beauty Patron Angel of Artists BLESSINGS for THOUGHTS
Archangel Jophiel was said to guard the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, and was given the responsibility of being the moral compass for the son’s of Noah:- Shem, Ham and Japhet.
Jophiel, the Angel of Beauty, encompasses all that is beautiful and has the potential for beauty such as thought, speech, deeds or visual.
Jophiel reminds one of the gifts of God that surround us, such as the environment, including flora and fauna, and to recognise we all have the capacity to protect and enrich these wonders. Those who create, those we call artists, have this responsibility of being the caretakers of beauty.

Angel Jophiel Statue, Frosted Pink 138mm
Angel Jophiel Statue Rose Pink 138mm
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Angel Jophiel Statue, Frosted Pink 138mm
Angel Jophiel Statue, Rose Pink 138mm
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